B 5318509-89
Son 3 nat. Barcelona
Direct Borgers




Son of the 3 nat. Barcelona 1989
Direct Borgers


Sire of 2 and 7 prov. Marseille
Grandsire of
- Barcelona Jan 34 nat. Barcelona
- Barcelona King 6 x Barcelona
- Miss Biarritz, 7 internat. Biarritz
- 51 nat. Saint-Vincent
- 78 nat. Perpignan


When Schreurs-Huben bought a round of eggs at the loft of Maurice Borgers in 1989, they were lucky that one of the racers from whicht they got the eggs was going to win 1 prov. and 3 nat. Barcelona that same year.
Adonis and his nestsister 510-89 were immediately reserved for breeding purposes.