Blue Line - Petri

Origin of the blue line

Guillaume Petri with The Kleine Blauwe '52

In  the fifties Guillaume Petri possessed an outstanding blue coq: the Kleine Blauwe (Little Blue). As his name indicates, it was a rather small bird and even not so beautiful. "Nobody wanted him" says Petri, " but if he didn't have the physics, he had the fighting spirit and that's what finally counts."

The Kleine Blauwe was of '52. He was the product of an outcross with a coq of Emiel Cobbaut (Erpe) and a hen of Gust Ducheyne (Ekeren - Antwerp).
The Kleine Blauwe won 23 x 1st prize for Petri.

But the Kleine Blauwe was also an excellent breeder especially paired with a hen of Jules Vander Espt, father of the Vander Espt brothers of Leffinge and brother to Charles Vander Espt.

In 1969 Petri paired a son of the Kleine Blauwe and the Vander Espt hen with a daughter of his newly acquired Cattrysse coq and this was the start of a wonderful Blue line. Guillaume Petri gave a daughter from this pairing to Jan Schreurs and this blue hen - Old Blue (Oude Blauwe) 5121740-69 - was going to become the most important  founding hen at Opoeteren.


Founding pair

As already mentioned, Guillaume Petri and his brother Jean bought a blue Catrysse coq at a public sale of the Cattrysse Bros in 1967 in Brussels.

In 1971, Petri entrusted the blue coq to Schreurs-Vandueren for breeding purposes.

Jan Schreurs who had read a lot about inbreeding paired the Cattrysse coq back to his granddaughter, Oude Blauwe 740-69, the hen he received a year earlier from Petri.

This blue pair (>60% Cattrysse) was to become the real founding pair for Schreurs-Vandueren.

Direct children of this pair were:

  • the Witoger 5251945-77, 1 prov. and 43 nat. Perpignan
  • 5041725-71, 4 prov. Brive
  • 5166219-73, 11 nat. Limoges Yl
  • 5166222-73, 13 nat. Saint-Vincent (2 prov.)
  • 5288801-75, sire of The Blauwe Marathon   LINE 1
  • 5041726-71, a.o. granddam of the mother to the 2 nat. Marseille  LINE 2
  • 5108174-76, dam of the founding hen 52233390-81 of Hub Peeters LINE 3
  • 5108192-76, dam of the founding coq 52233387-81 of Hub Peeters LINE 3
  • 5136970-72, blue coq who will contribute to the Hub Peeters breed
  • a.o.

Three main lines

The Blue Line gave birth to three main lines, although the three line were meeting each other very ofthen in intercrossings. There were also intercrossings with the Fox Line.

LINE 1 Blauwe Marathon   

As one can read elsewhere, the Blauwe Marathon was an outstanding racer.

To fix his qualities in the Blue line, Jan Schreurs was going to inbreed him very closely.

Marathon x his aunt 5108174-76 (Dam of the founding hen Peeters): 5148971-78

This inbred coq was grandsire tot 1 prov Dax.

Marathon x his aunt 5108174-76 (Dam of the founding hen Peeters): 5148172-79

This 172-79 is mother to the Superkweker 047 in a perfect blend with the Fox Line.

This line wil give further

  • the father of the Wondere 45 of Hub Peeters
  • mother of Tamara and father of Twister at the loft of Wilfried Stiel
  • Dam of Cheetah, 1 nat. Barcelona
  • a.o.

The Superkweker - as is known - is the founder of a complete line of winners: Caesar Pau, Apache, Invalide, Goed Vaal, Birgit etc.

Marathon x his aunt 5108174-76 (Dam of the founding hen Peeters): 5021343-82

This line will produce a.o. Aladdin, 11 nat. Pau and 72 nat. Marseille

Son Marathon x Sister Marathon

To further fix the qualities of the Marathon, Schreurs mated the Scherpe - 5061135-83 - an already inbred son of the Marathon with a sister of the Blauwe Marathon.

In the offspring of this line we find: Goed Vaal, Birgit, Pursang, Dark Angel Barcelona Jan etc.

LINE 2 Marseille              

The Marseille, a red coq who managed to win 2nd nat. Marseille was a >60% Cattrysse. His color betrays that he is a blend with the Fox Line.

His sire was an inbred coq out of the Oude Blauwe x her grandson in the same blue Petri line.

Dam of the Marseille had her origins in the Fox Line, but with still a lot of Cattrysse blood.

B 5214626-74
Son Old Cattrysse
B 3442324-67
Oude Cattrysse
direct Cattrysse Bros, Moere
B 3101757-66
B 3101802-66
Dochter Blauwentik
B 5207000-72
Rode 7000
Vale Witpen Saint-Vincent
1 nat. St.Vincent 1969
Rood  André Desmet '65
Goed Rood 
B 5288806-75
Daughter 1 nat. Saint-Vincent
strain Vander Espt
Vale Witpen Saint-Vincent
1 nat. St.Vincent 1969
Goede Rode Vander Espt '57
Goed Blauw '56  Vader Espt Bros
B 5041726-71
Zus Perpignan
B 3442324-67
Old Cattrysse
B 5121740-69
Oud Blauw

Among the direct children of the Marseille we find

Line 3 Hub Peeters Line

The Hub Peeters Line is presented on another page on this site.